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NANJING PEGE TECHNO MACHINE CO., LTD is located in Nanjing, east of China, a city of 3000 years history, combined with historical and modern culture.

Pege is a reputational and quality-oriented manufacturer who is specialized in providing rubber and plastic industry machines.


Rubber machine sector focus on deburring and cutting machine includes cryogenic de-flashing machine, spin trim de-flashing machine as well as rubber strip or gasket cutting machine.

Plastic machine sector focus on weighing batching and dosing system which includes the Gravimetric Loss-in-weight feeders and its affiliated system including uploading and supplementary system.


Cryogenic Deflashing Machine aims at realizing faster quality production cycle with least rejection on those parts including rubber molded, plastic injection molded and die-casting components' flashes removal process. 

NANJING PEGE is among the top cryogenic de-burring machine suppliers in the world with near 20-years of experiences and “Frozen Shot” Cryogenic shot-blasting machines have been widely accepted by the customers both domestically and internationally.


Our plastic machine department also continuously develops and optimizes the loss-in-weight feeder to meet the customer demand to improve feeding and batching efficiency, reduce labor work tense as well labor cost.

Gravimetric Weighing Feeder is widely applied in the industry of Plastic, Chemistry, Food and Pharm, used for material precision mixing, dosing, and feeding application. 


By using world brand components and high professional production technology, all the machines produced by NANJING PEGE company are of reliable quality and high stability with the features of Lower energy consumption as well as less maintenance cost. 

With the efforts from our sales and production team, the "Frozen Shot" brand PG series cryogenic deburring machine, ‘PG’ brand Gravimetric Feeder are sold not only in the domestic China market, but all over the world including Europe like Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and Greece, Oceania like Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia like Thailand and Malaysia, and South America like Mexico. We keep building highly efficient systems which work to save resources based on intelligent technologies and thus we can contribute to the efficient production and protection of the environment in the customer end. 


We believe that high quality and reliable machine from NANJING PEGE will serve all the customers worldwide to help them improve efficiency, precision, and lower labor cost. 


cryogenic deflashing machine, loss in weight feeder

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