"Frozen Shot" Advantages
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"Frozen Shot" Advantages

Pege Frozen Shot Cryogenic Deflashing Machine Advantages


■ Suitable for various material, structure and size of rubber, plastic, die-casting components.

■ Greater productivity, large output in short time.

■ Higher precision and much less labor dependence.

■ Space Saving thanks to compact machine frame design.

■ Low Nitrogen Usage Thanks to Thick Insulation Material and Small Cabinet Size.

■ Auto Media Circulation System without Compressed Air or Low Media Consumption.

■ Powerful Blasting Engine (Max7.5KW) with Larger Blast Wheel Diameter(Max 350mm).

■ Components built inside the machine, less contact with air, less moisture or blocking.

■ Safety Interlocks.

■ Simple and Very Low maintenance.


Detail Introduction of Pege's Cryogenic Shotblast Deflashing Machine Features

As a professional and reputed cryogenic deburring machine manufacturer with nearly 20 years in the industry, with our expertise, our machine has its advantages which will meet the customer’s requirements well and also has competitive advantages over the other supplier in world, surely will be your best choice.

1. PEGE have various capacity choices including 40liters, 60liters, 80liters, 120liters and 150liters to meet different customer requirements. Big models will have bigger power and production volume.

2. All machines are made of good quality SUS 304 steel to ensure firm structure and no rust problem in long term of use in low temperature enviroment.

3. PEGE applies brand big power high frequency projection motor and larger wheel diameter like 3.7KW motor,250mm diameter wheel for 40ltr and 60ltr, 5.5KW 300mm for 80liter and 120liter,7.5KW 350mm for 150liter to ensure powerful blasting speed and remove the flashes in a fast way. Projection speed for each capacity will be as follow:



PG-120T&PG-150T: 145.3m/s.

Larger wheel Diameter will allow more cryogenic polycarbonate media to be blasted to parts in same time, which means high production efficiency.

4. Compact design to ensure smaller chamber inside volume to save LN2 consumption and waste.

Smart design to use the negative pressure occurred in the machine chamber when high speed projection wheel runs, to automatically circulate the polycarbonate media for blasting, the quantity of media supply is stable and sufficient. There is no need to use compressed gas or evaporated Nitrogen gas to reduce LN2 consumption and media circulation problem.

5. Reliable customized SUS 304 vibrator can keep stable running for more than 10 years in the low temp, high humidity environment without failure. It is very efficient to separate the media and flash dust to ensure stable and efficient running. And the high efficiency virbrating separator is located in the machine chamber inside to prevent less air coming into to avoid moisture and media wet problem.

6. Stable and Reliable operation control by applying world well-known Electrical components including PLC, Inverter and Relays, brand like Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Schneider.

7. Better labyrinth type gear box design and use customized anti-low temp oil seal to ensure very few dusts get into the box,less maintenance and breakdown is needed. More durable Hypoid umbrella gear, bearings will ensure long term consistent running with less failure and less maintenance cost.

8. User friendly HMI operation panel,more than 15 inch. One stop operation mode, can record and read the parameters,Barcode Reading, Manager Password Management and all operation actions will be real-time recorded.

Above will help the customer to better manage the parameters and operations and also provide necessary basis to quality traceability which is important for modern management and quality control.

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