Gravimetric Weighing Feeding
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Loss-in-weight Feeding Applications on the Industries


The key function of loss-weight-feeder is to realize continuous and precise batching and dosing for all walks of life.

Plastics Industry.

Processing of plastic, films, coatings.

Chemical Industry.

Premixes for extrusion, detergents, pesticides, fertilizers, building materials.

Food Industry.

Cereals, muesli bars, sugar mixtures, milk powder, diet breakfast drinks, salt iodization, fluoridation, aromatization.

Pharmaceutical Industry.

Production of vitamins and active ingredients.


Flue gas cleaning, water processing, diesel particle filters.


Gravimetric Feeding for Plastic Industry

Loss-in-weight Batching for Chemical Industry

Weigh Feeding for Food Industry

Weightless Feeding for Pharma Industry



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