Gravimetric Weighing Feeding
Successful Installations
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Successful Installations

Pege Loss in Weight Feeder Installations of Differenent Applications


1. Batching in Plastic Material Making Industry

Flexible Paddle Massaged PUR Hopper  Feeder.

Single Screw Loss-in Weight  Feeder

Twin Screws Loss-in Weight Feeder


2. Dosing of Coated Glass Fiber and Plastic Granules

Vibrating Tray Loss in Weight Feeder

Single Screw Loss in Weight Feeder


3. Mixing of Nano Lithium Titanate Battery Material Industry

Twin Screw LIW Feeder


4. Meltblown Fabric Production Applied Liquid Loss in Weight Feeder

Liquid Loss in weight Feeder


5. Installation in Russian Customer Factory, Plastic Modification


Servo Motor Drive Single Screw Feeder for Granules Dosing in Russia



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