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Structure and Features

Pege Loss-in-weight Feeder Composition and Features 


Composition of Nanjing Pege’s Gravimetric feeder


1. The mechanical system is mainly composed of a measuring hopper, a screw feeder, a mixing & feeding motor, and a weighing rack.

2. The control part is mainly composed of load cell, signal amplifier, input / output interface, and control instrument (screen).

3. Refer to mechanical system, PG specially applies the cantilever sling-type weighing frame supports the storage hopper, which has the characteristics of damping and anti-horizontal interference, which can effectively shield the non-weight value interference from the vibrator, and always more accurately. 


Technical Advantages of Pege Loss-in-weight Feeders

■  The cantilever sling-type weighing scale supports the storage hopper, which has the characteristics of vibration reduction and anti-level interference. It can effectively shield the non-weight value interference from the vibrator and measure the flow of the system more accurately.

Internal mirror vertical hopper, all four vertical angles, full coverage of U-shaped stirring blades to prevent bridging.

The mixing and feeding are separated and driven independently to ensure that the feeding speed is sufficiently ductile. Various speed ratios are selected according to the characteristics of the material, increasing the flexibility of customer formula adjustment.

Feeding motor uses servo motor + planetary reducer, precise control, light weight, small vibration, low speed constant torque, wide flow range, double the flow range than AC motor.

The output bearing seat, screw and sealing device can be directly pulled out of the hopper for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The motor and the screw are driven by polytetrafluoro gear. When the screw is stuck by foreign matter, it can play a transitional buffer function, giving the motor an over-torque shutdown alarm time to prevent the gearbox or the screw from being damaged by impact deformation.

■ The electrical control system reserves the Ethernet communication interface for remote control.

PLC, MCU and industrial computer are available for customers to choose.

It can provide the program source code for accessing the client's upper computer and the factory centralized control system.

Provide drawings and technical support for the platform, feeding hopper, valve, feeding system for free.


Various Types of Loss in Weight Feeders for Different Feeding Purpose

As a professional gravimetric loss in weight feeder supplier, we have full range of feeders suitable for various material feeding demands. We believe that our quality feeders will help you to improve production efficiency and precision as well as reduce the labor cost.


Single Screw Gravimetric Feeder                                                                    Twin Screw Gavimetric Feeder



Flexible Wall Hopper Gravimetric Feeder                                                           Liquid Gravimetric Feeder





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