Cryogenic Deflashing Layout
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Cryogenic Deflashing Layout

Cryogenic Shot-blast Deflashing System Layout 


A typical Cryogenic Deflashing System consists of following consitituent part:

1.      Cryogenic Deflashing Machine

2.      Soft Tube for LN2 Transmission

3.      Discharge Pipe

4.      Cyclone Splitter

5.      Transformer If Needed

Above parts will be provided by the supplier(Nanjing Pege).

6.      Local Liquid Nitrogen Supply

7.      LN2 Storage Tank or Cylinder 

7.      Pipeline for LN2 Transmission

8.      Workshop for Machine Location&Turnover

From No.6 to No.9 should be prepared by the buyer.

If the production volume is very low, frequency to use cryogenic deflashing is less 6 hour per week, then a simple cryogenic deflashing system using cylinder as the LN2 container will be another option. See following system drawing.

In term of the basic elements for client to apply cryogenic deburring machine, the client should prepare the Liquid Nitrogen, LN2 container, the transmission pipe and workshop for machine location.

Here, a detail introduction will be explained in following contents:

n  Liquid Nitrogen Supply for Cryogenic Freezing Trim

The refrigerant used for cryogenic deburring is liquid form nitrogen, please kindly note it is not gas type nitrogen.

nLiquid Nitrogen Container of Cryogenic Deflashing Machine

There are several choices of LN2 contain according to the use frequency of LN2, large LN2 consumption will use a big container, small LN2 consumption will use a small cylinder.


Dewa Cylinder (120Liter to 250Liter)

-       Pressure: >1.0Mpa

-       Portable, positioned in workshop, near to the machine, no need additional pipeline, a soft metal tube will used for LN2 transmission.

-       Full Capacity LN2 can be used for 2-2.5hours running.

Microbulk Storage Tank (2000Liter to 5000liter)

-       Pressure: >1.0Mpa

-       Portable, can be positioned in workshop, need a pipeline to connect tank with the machine.

-       Full 3000liter capacity can be used for one week running.


Big Storge Tank (5-20M3)

Pressure: >1.0Mpa

Need a foundation, located at outside, need a pipeline.

Full 10M3 capacity can be used for 20days (160hours)


n  Pipeline for LN2 Transmission for Nitrogen De-flashing Machine

If use small volume cylinders (less than 250liter), then additional pipeline will be not needed.

If distance between LN2 tank and machine is longer than 10M, vacuum SUS pipeline is suggested to save LN2 transmission time and LN2 lost during long distance transit.

See following photo showing the Vacuum SUS pipeline.


n  Workshop for the Cryogenic Rubber Deflashing Machine

-       Has a window can let the used Liquid nitrogen discharge to be outside.

-       If use big tank (larger than 5M3), the workshop should be close to the LN2 storage tank.

-       10M3 space room is better, can allow all the machine doors be open and can leave the space for product turnover.

-       Workshop roof height at least to be 3.5m as we will be a 1.2-meter-high discharge pipe on the top of a 2-meter-high machine.

-    Has Industrial Power Supply (AC Power, 3Phase, 380V 50/60Hz, if not same, then a transformer is needed).

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