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  • Gravimetric loss in weight feeder is an instrument that is important to control and measure the speed of a substance in an instrument system. This equipment can handle the bulk solids. It allows the solid to discharge at a constant weight per unit time. The unit of measurement is kg/min or Kg/hour. The signal about the weight is used as a system of feedback control. It controls and monitors the feed rate that enters a instrument. The weighing systems include several examples such as platform scales, load-cells, weigh hoppers, etc. Depending on the overall process, the gravimetric feeder may be a loss-in-weight system or a gain-in-weight system. Parameters Model PG-FT-30 PG-FT-39 PG-FT-46 PG-FT-56 Capacity range 15-150kg/h 50-300kg/h 100-800kg/h 200-1500kg/h Hopper Volume 50L 80L 150L 250L Sensor Range 80kg 200kg 250kg 300kg Net Weight 80kg 140kg 170kg 190kg Size 975x470x965 1065x540x1150 1135x610x1300 1160x650x1400 Power AC380V Feeding motor 0.37kw +stirring motor 0.2kw AC380V 3ph Feeding 0.55kw +Stirring 0.4kw AC380V 3ph Feeding 0.75kw +stirring 0.4kw AC380V 3ph Feeding 1.1 kw +Stirring 0.4kw Servo Motor Optional 220V 1 Ph 0.4KW*2 220V 1 Ph 0.75KW*2 220V 1 Ph 1KW*2 220V 1 Ph 2KW*2 Screw Solid Twin Screw Solid Twin Screw Solid Twin Screw Solid Twin Screw Dynamic accuracy ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% Resolution 1/100000 1/100000 1/100000 1/100000 Discharge tube Φ45x3x2 Φ57x3x2 Φ65x3x2 Φ89x3x2

    Tags : Loss-in-weight Feeder Gravimetric Feeder Loss-in-weight dosing feeder loss in weight batch feeder Gravimetric batch feeder Extruder feeder

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