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Latex Resistence Band Cutting Machine

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  • Vacuum Mandrel Cutting can eliminate the burrs problem and highly improve the production capacity.This is the reason we designed our mandrel cutting machines, a kind of precision machines for cutting gaskets and washers from molded or extruded tubes/pipes/hoses made of rubber/plastic/silicone/polyurethane/foam or similar hard and half-hard materials.   Model PG-YAQ-1S PG-YAQ-2S PG-YAQ-4S Shaft Qty One Shaft Two Shafts 4 Shafts Drive Mode Servo Motor Servo Motor Servo Motor Cutting Efficiency Max 60 cut/min Max 120cut/min Max 240cut/min Speed 0~3000r/min 0~3000r/min 0~3000r/min Precision ≤±0.05mm ≤±0.05mm ≤±0.05mm Cut Diameter Range Φ10mm~Φ150mm  Φ10mm~Φ120mm  Φ10mm~Φ110mm  Cutting Length ≤200mm ≤200mm ≤150mm Wall Thickness ≤20mm ≤20mm ≤20mm Blade Spec (1)Round Blade:Φ60×Φ25.4×Φ0.35mm (1)Round Blade:Φ60×Φ25.4×Φ0.35mm (1)Round Blade:Φ60×Φ25.4×Φ0.35mm Consumption of Air 50L/min 50L/min 50L/min Pressure 0.5MPa~0.8MPa 0.5MPa~0.8MPa 0.5MPa~0.8MPa Vacuum Level ≤-0.035MPa ≤-0.035MPa ≤-0.035MPa Power Supply AC220V±5% 50/60Hz AC220V±5% 50/60Hz AC220V±5% 50/60Hz Gross Power 1KW 2KW 3KW Weight ≈400Kg ≈580Kg ≈800Kg Dimension(L*W*H) 1350mm×980mm×1400mm 1550mm×980mm×1650mm 1650mm×980mm×17650mm  

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