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O ring deflashing machine

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  • Spin trim deflashing machine can spin out the thin or big flashes with high-speed centrifugal spinning force, the parts which have tear trim line will be better, various shape and size parts are suitable. Different with vibratory separation system, air bowing separator use the high-speed air flow to blow out the flashes which are much lighter than the part, the product and flashes can be separated according to the different density and size by using the difference of suspension speed between main part and flashed. Air Blow Separator is a innovative equipment which is develop for supporting for flashes separation process after spin trim deflashing machine. Air blow separator sucessfully solves the problem of flashes mixing together during the spin trim deflashing process.   Air Blowing Separator Model PG-AB-377 Dimension L2060mm*W700mm*H2000mm Power Supply 3KW 380V 50-60HZ. 3PH Machine Frame Tube 40*40mm (Square Tube with Stoving Varnish) Sealing Plate 1.5mm Thickness (Stoving Varnish) Vibrating Hopper Dimension L540*W400*H200mm (Stoving Varnish) Damping Spring Out Ø40mm   Wire Ø 4mm    L 120mm Damping Spring Holder Rubber Dumper Pre-Installed Screw Vibrator Motor 0.12KW High Speed Blower 1.1KW Blower Inverter 1.5KW      Vibrating Hopper Inverter 0.25KW   Air Running Tube 300mm*200mm Adjustable Fuma Wheels 4PCS(LOW NOISE)

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