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Cryogenic Deflashing System Composition and Key Points

Cryogenic Deflashing System Composition and Key Points

Jun 18, 2023

Cryogenic Deflashing System Composition and Key Points


A cryogenic deflashing machine is a machine used to remove excess material from molded parts. The process involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the molded part and then using a blast of air or other media to remove the excess material. This process is often used for rubber, plastic, and metal parts.

cryogenic deflashing system 


A typical cryogenic deburring system includs 3 parts:

  • Low-temp Cooling System (LN2 nitrogen as cooling media)
  • Nitrogen deflashing machine
  • Cyclone Splitter for discharge and dust collection

Cryogenic deflashing machine key points to check whether rubber parts suitable for deflashing or not

  • Flash should be thin and if flash shape is flat will be better, standard thickness request is less than 0.15mm.
  • parts should have no fragile edge or sharp point.
  • Besides silicone rubber, other rubber parts will be all suitable.

Nannjing Pege Techno Machine Co., Ltd is a professional nitrogen shot-blasting machine for various rubber and plastic components manufacturers all over the world.

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