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  • China Reputational Rubber Cutting Machine China Reputational Rubber Cutting Machine
    Dec 28, 2022
    Rubber Cutting Machine    Main Features of Advanced Mode Rubber Strip Cutter 1. Numerical Rubber Cutting Machine use well-known brand PLC running at high precision and quick response. 2. The rubber cutting machine has two model, can cut the strip by length or by weight control. 3.The loss-in-weight feeding system use brand servo motor with high accuracy, high stability, and long-life features. Feeding precision can be+-0.1mm and if the cut length is less than 20mm, the weighing precision can be+-0.02g 4.Main power uses 3phase slowdown brake motor, it is powerful and very safe. 5.Use imported fiber sense position components, it is accurate and durable. 6. Driven by chain belt system, can cut FKM sheet of hardness 90℃ easily. 7.7inch HMI touch screen has the function of automatic counting, monitoring, and warning notice, it is convenient and more direct viewing 8.Cutting speed is controlled by brand inverter, the cutting speed can be adjusted directly and then it leads to high efficiency. 9.Strip outlet mouth apply safety door device, two steps protection method to ensure operation safety 10. Automatic material press system allows lower burden on operator and more convenient operation 11.Cutting blade use Tungsten steel W18 to ensure durability and long cutting life of blade 12. Cutting blade apply bevel cut design, it can reduce the cutting resistance and improve cutting speed, upper blade and lower blade cooperate precisely to ensure less abrasion on the cutting blades 13. Oil lubricant system use automatic electromagnetic pump to reduce break and can filling the oil automatically 14. Innovated and advance design and manufacturing of the CNC rubber cutting machine is very easy to operate, by using touch screen, any length or cutting speed can be adjusted during the operation.
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