Advance Rubber Strip Cutting Machine
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Advance Rubber Strip Cutting Machine

Advance Rubber Strip Cutting Machine

December 13, 2022

Advance Rubber Strip Cutter

Advance Rubber Strip Cutting Machine Features

Rubber sheeting cutter from Nanjing Pege is reliable and qualified for rubber sheet cutting process.

rubber strip cutting machine


1. Use a precision electrical scale can be connected to PLC(see the photo and video, it can be up to 0.02g precision)

2. Larger cutting motor: Using 3.7Kw motor, larger power.

3. Feeding motor: Servo motor, more soft and precise.

4. Cutting blade material is best type-Tungsten Steel W18

5. Frame design: More robust and 

6. Safety Protection: Door Safety Switch to improve safety

7. Cutting Speed: can be Max 90 cut/ minute 

8. Cutting Strip Thickness can be up to 30mm

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