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  • Nanjing Pege Silicone Rubber Cutting Machine Nanjing Pege Silicone Rubber Cutting Machine
    Dec 25, 2022
    Specification Model PG-SC-600 Size 1040*680*1000mm Material Suitable Silicone Sheet Power supply 0.93Kw 220V 50-60hz Cutting Length 0.1mm-1000mm, Cutting width ≤ 550mm, Sheet thickness ≤10mm Cutting weight 0.1g-1000g Cutting speed ≤100cut/min Model By Weight or By Length Operation Mode Touch Screen Control Mode PLC Numerical Controlled   Main Configurations: 1.     Host PLC: XCe-20T high speed pulse output 20K, strong and durable, fast computing speed. 2.     Human-Computer Interface: 5inch color touch screen, excellent performance, and stable operation. 3.     Cutting motor: Planetary Deceleration Electromagnetic Baking Motor, powerful and longer life 4.     Feed motor: 220V high voltage closed loop stepping motor fast operation, high precision and high stability   5.     Cutter, Splitter: Special mechanical design, material will be not adhesive after cutting Main Features 1.     One silicone strip cutting machine has multiple usage, it can both cut and slit and has the feature of high accuracy and therefore can save the raw material, save cost, and also improve the production efficiency 2.     Planetary Deceleration electromagnet brake motor cutting, has the feature of long life, low noise, and strong power 3.     200V voltage closed loop stepping motor with high feeding speed and high accuracy can not only save the manual weighing process, but also reduce the reject ratio and improve production efficiency as well 4.     Cutting guide use the well-known brand linear guide rail, has the feature of low noise, high accuracy, and good quality. 5.     Machine has high level safety feature, in the front of the blade rack, there is a safety fender and has a safety electronic eye, when you take off the safety plate, all actions will be stopped automatically, and a warning notice will show on the operation panel screen. 6.     When cutting the rubber sheet, either stop the machine by quantity control or manual control 7.     Has three sections setting of length and speed, can use single mode or use combined mode, can cut different specification material at the same time, it will be more general use. 8.     The machine is equipped with a patent protection program, when the user wrongly adjusts the blade or a breakdown happen, there will be warning notice on the operation panel screen. 9.     Has two cutting modes, fast cutting or standard cutting, then it will be more efficient and more stable 10.   Has two control methods, it can cut the rubber sheet by choosing length or precise weight, the operation is more convenient and intelligent.  Pegedeflashing is professional rubber cutting machine manufacturer in China,get more details from us.
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