Soft Rubber Vacuum Oil Seal Trimming Machine
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Soft Rubber Vacuum Oil Seal Trimming Machine

oil seal trimming
oil seal trimmer
oil seal trimmer

Soft Rubber Vacuum Oil Seal Trimming Machine

Oil Seal Trimming Machine is used for cutting the edges of soft objects such as oil seals, soft rubber parts and U packing. 
It has the high efficiency and good precision.


PG-2-OT or PG-3-OT





Knives Qty

2 or 3 Pieces of knives

Working Power


Power Supply


Degree of Vacuum


Main Shaft Precision

diameter runout≤0.01mm 

face runout≤0.02mm

Main Shaft Rotating Speed


Cutting Angel

-10° - 100°

Cutting Size Range


Production Efficiency


(Depend on the parts shape)

Vacuum Suction Source

Vacuum Pump

Air Pressure


Compressed Air Consumption


Auto Oil Seal Trimming Machine

Model:                                         PG-2-OT &PG-3-OT
Dimension(L*W*H):                1250mm*620mm*1350mm
Knife Quantity:                             2 or 3 Knifves
Weight:                                         260KG
Working Power:                            AC220V±5%
Power Supply:                              600W
Degree of Vacuum:                      ≤±0.05MPa
Main Shaft Precision:                   Diameter runout≤0.01mm  
                                                      Face runout≤0.02mm
Main Shaft Rotating Speed:         0-3000rpm
Cutting Angel:                             (-10° - 100°)
Cutting Size Range:                      Φ5mm~Φ250mm(Adjustable)  
Production Efficiency:                   >25pieces/min (Depend on the parts.)
Vacuum Power Source:                Vacuum Pump Suction
Air Pressure Range:                     0.5-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption                           20Liter per minute
All kinds of skeleton oil seals, non-skeleton oil seals, various cups, pressing parts, and all rubber-plastic crystals that can‘t be clamped by soft and round shapes.
1. Reasonable structure, advanced design and convenient operation. It has high production efficiency and is one of the more advanced edge trimming equipment.
2. This machine is composed of chassis, headstock, left and right tool post, conveying, transmission, electric control and other components, and is equipped with photoelectric sensor switch protection to protect the safety of the operation process of the operator.
3. Using LCD man-machine interface (touch screen) to control the parameters, the parameters are clear at a glance, simple and clear, easy to debug and operate.
4. The system is controlled by a programmable controller, and you can freely choose manual, automatic, and cyclic automatic modes
Operation. This machine can cut with single or double knife vertical and horizontal angles, and can also be combined vertically and horizontally. The combination of vertical and angle can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the shape of the product.
5. The cutting range can reach 0---250mm, the flat cutting can reach 0-160mm, and the cutting angle can be larger and horizontal. Cut at a vertical angle. Achieve -10-100 degree cutting
Main function
--This machine adopts imported programmable controller, main and auxiliary equipped with imported frequency converter, according to the difference of the diameter and linear speed of the processed product, it can carry out stepless speed change, which can achieve the ideal process requirement.
--Using liquid crystal display output, convenient and intuitive,
The moving parts of the tool post use imported bearings, which have high precision and reliable operation. The whole machine has a reasonable structure, precise and small size, which is only similar to a computer desk.
--Pneumatic components and executive components are imported products, high quality, increase stability, reduce maintenance, use vacuum eye attached products, stable, high versatility,
--The humanized design of this machine allows the operator to easily complete the processing process by simply placing the workpiece. The degree of automation is high, which reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency.
--Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, adjustable within the range of 0~3000r/min, to ensure smooth and flat cutting.
--Using electronic brakes, no sleep sound, no loss, avoid the inconvenience of using brake pads that are easy to wear. A lot of inconvenience
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