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  • Nanjing Pege High Automation Spin Trimming Deflashing System Nanjing Pege High Automation Spin Trimming Deflashing System
    Nov 29, 2022
    Nanjing Pege Full Automatic Spin Trimming Deflashing System The spin trim deflashing system contains a set of spin trim machine, a lift and a set of air blowing separator for flash separation. Good quality spin trim deflashing machine can deflash rubber parts at a efficiency of around 1-2kg per minute, 60-100kg per hour. This type of spin trimming machine only consumes power(5KW), compressed air, no need liquid nitrogen, is very economical. Spin trimmer from Nanjing Pege has full safety measures including emergency button, safety grating and protection lid.   Air blowing separator with a lift is an efficient flash separation system. It can separate different shape, size and weight flashes in a quick and efficient way. Connecting with spin trimming machine, the system will be automatic and high efficient.   Pege believes that the spin trimming deflashing system will greatly improve the customer production efficiency and production process result.    
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