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  • Spin Trim Deflashing Machine Spin Trim Deflashing Machine
    Dec 14, 2022
    Spin Trimming Deflashing Machine PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Design Purpose Remove waste edges/flashes of rubber parts automatically. Operation Principle By using the theory of aerodynamic & centrifugal force, by high speed rotation along with violent hitting against each part. Applications All kinds of rubber parts for a wide range of industry fields. The spin trim deflashing machine is ideal for use in the automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, medical, electronics, and general rubber sectors. Features 1.PLC & HMI control, a plug-and-play equipment, 7.5inch touch screen, user friendly operation panel. 2.Not freezing, no need liquid nitrogen, no molds requirement, only basic labor and electricity, very low manufacturing costs 3.Extremely high output, average as 40~50 workers at the same working time, millions of products can be finished per day 4.Ideal for the effective deflashing of small to medium size rubber parts, especially for the O rings. 5.Divided space room for filling & operation respective, realizes a continuous production 6.Patented Cutting Technology for Closet Wet Trim. A safe, affordable and automated process 7.Automatic Self-Lubrication System for Non-stop Trimming 8.High power and speed motor to ensure reliable performance and stable running.
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