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  • China Loss in Weight Feeding Machine China Loss in Weight Feeding Machine
    Dec 22, 2022
    China Nanjing Pege Loss in Weight Feeding System NANJING PEGE TECHNO MACHINE CO., LTD is a leading quality and customer-oriented manufacturer, specialized in providing various machines for rubber and plastic industry. Rubber sector machines focus on deburring and cutting include cryogenic de-flashing machine, spin trim de-flashing machine as well as rubber strip or gasket cutting machine. Plastic sector machines focus on material precision feeding and mixing including Gravimetric Loss-in-weight (LIW) feeders and its affiliated system including uploading and supplementary system. Our plastic machine department also continuously develops and optimizes the Gravimetric loss-in-weight feeding machine to meet the customer demand to improve feeding efficiency, to reduce labor work tense as well labor cost. Gravimetric Feeder is widely applied in the industry of Plastic, Chemistry, Food and Pharm, used for material precision mixing, dosing, and feeding application. By using world well-known brand components and high professional production technology, all the machines produced by NANJING PEGE company are of reliable quality and high stability with the features of lower energy consumption as well as less maintenance cost. With the efforts from our sales and production team, the "Frozen Shot" brand PG series cryogenic deburring machines, ‘PG’ brand Gravimetric LIW Feeders are sold not only in the domestic China market, but also many other countries like Poland, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malaysia, and more from all over the world.  Principle The measuring hopper is mounted on a platform scale (frame structure equipped with precision sensors). When the feeder is running, the motor drives the feeding screw, vibrator or pump to move. At the same time, the material in the measuring hopper flows out. By reducing the weight in the unit time, obtain the actual feeding amount, compare it with the set feeding amount to get the error value, and then adjust the speed of the feeding motor through the PID closed-loop control algorithm to achieve the precise feeding requirements. This process ensures an accurate feeding or dosing during the production process. The general purpose of Loss in Weight feed system is to accurately weigh and control the output of variable products either, continuously or as a batch. Benifits Typical loss–in-weight feeders are used to negate the use of weigh hoppers and to eliminate the impact of material. This system is particularly useful when the product to be weighed is sticky and does not have good flow properties. A. Improve measurement accuracyB. Reduce premixing workloadC. Improve product stabilityD. Reduce dust pollution and be more environmentally friendly. E. Improve work and production efficiency.
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